Increased Potato Yields with Agrarius™ Technology

A potato farm in Ontario, Canada saw potatoes per plant increase from 14 to 30, and the overall weight of the yield increasing from 2.08kg to 3.78kg.


Potatoes are a staple food crop consumed by millions worldwide. They are a key agricultural commodity, yet growers often face multiple challenges that affect yield, from water scarcity to pests. This case study focuses on the impact of Agrarius, a foliar spray technology, on potato crops under field conditions with limited irrigation.

Problem Statement: Low Yields and Water Scarcity

The field in question was experiencing relatively low yields and had to go without irrigation and rain for an extended period of 36 days. Under these conditions, the average yield was around 2.08 Kg, and the average count was 14 potatoes per plant.

The challenges included:

  1. Water Scarcity: The field was not irrigated and received no rain for over a month, creating a stressful environment for the potato plants.
  2. Crop Health: Lack of water usually impacts the health of the crop, making it more susceptible to diseases and pests.

The Solution: Agrarius Foliar Spray Technology

To address these challenges, the field was treated with Agrarius, a pioneering foliar spray technology. Two applications of the spray were applied to the crops. The technology aimed to:

  1. Increase Yields: Agrarius technology is engineered to enhance the crop's natural systems, leading to increased yields.
  2. Improve Crop Health: Agrarius also aimed to help the plants maintain a healthy appearance despite the harsh conditions.

Results: Substantial Yield Improvements Despite Adverse Conditions

After the treatment, the field exhibited significant improvements:

  1. Increased Count: The number of potatoes per plant in the Agrarius-treated group was 30, compared to 14 in the control group.
  2. Higher Weight: The yield weight increased to 3.78 Kg in the Agrarius-treated plants, as opposed to 2.08 Kg in the control group.
  3. Healthier Plants: Despite the absence of rain and irrigation for 36 days, the plants maintained a healthy appearance.

Treatment Data

  • Control Group: 14 Potatoes, 2.08 Kg
  • Agrarius Treated: 30 Potatoes, 3.78 Kg


The use of Agrarius foliar spray technology led to a dramatic increase in both the yield and health of potato plants, even under challenging environmental conditions. The results indicate the significant potential of Agrarius technology to revolutionize crop management practices, especially in regions suffering from water scarcity.

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