Napa Cabbage

Case Study

Belle Roots Farm is a certified organic farm located in Ontario, Canada. They grow a wide variety of vegetables, including Napa cabbage. Napa cabbage is a cool weather crop that is typically planted in the fall and harvested in the early spring.

Agrarius Corp.
An Official Conducted Trial by Agrarius Corp.

Belle Roots Farm in Ontario, Canada

Agrarius Cabbage Field Trials were carried out in Canada at Belle Roots Farm in Ontario, Canada. Data from these trials were recorded for both the control and treated plots of land.

Treatment details included two applications:
•  First Foliar Application
•  Second Foliar Application

Trial Summary

The Control section consisted of One, 100 foot bed with two rows of Napa cabbage.
The Agrarius treated section is the same size and matches the layout of the control. Four single cabbage heads were picked at random by number.  Two from the Agrarius treated and two from the control group.

The results of the random picked cabbage heads are outlined in the image below:

Agrarius Treated (LEFT) compared to the Control group (right)

Greener. Thicker. Healthier.

Napa cabbage heads typically bolt and wither in hot weather. The control Group observed showed many with bolting Heads. The cabbage plants in the Agrarius treated group stayed greener longer and showed no signs of bolting. The Agrarius treated group also had more firm heads making for a heavier cabbage that will last longer when chilled.

Agrarius Treated (LEFT) compared to the Control group (right)
The weight of the Napa Cabbage treated by Agrarius compared to control: increased by 105%

Trial Summary

Belle Roots Farm saw a 20% increase in yield after using Agrarius, due to improved plant health and faster crop growth. There was an increase in plant height, plant weight, he number of leaves per plant, and an improved leaf colour.

Case Study Summary

Trials conducted with Agrarius on {{Crop}} has shown the potential to generate an average -% yield increase per crop cycle using two spray applications of Agrarius.

When compared to current revenues, Agrarius has the potential to generate a $0.00 return on this farms investment.

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